CrossFire // Jan 30, 2005

Well, it was a fun afternoon. It was my second official crossfire, my first one knowing that I am gonna be full time. It felt really good, and I felt very relaxed. Even though it was an eventful night on many levels, it also seemed to go rather smoothly.

I gave another talk using Bobo. I was able to do it a little better than I did for the weekend, and I promise that a Bobo blog is forthcoming. I might do a separate page with a Bobo blog, but that might just be too much work.

It was Michael Sime's last night as worship leader. He will be sorely missed. I respect that guy, and I hope we get some time to do our philosopher's walk sometime soon.

I am talking on the phone and having three AIM conversations so I'm out. I'll post more details later.


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