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Well, its that time of the year again. Time for Crunch time. Five years ago (or something), a bunch of us had a great idea to start a retreat for high school students led by college students. It's a great idea, still is - problem is, those of us who started it are all long gone. The thing about college, you see, is it only lasts a few years. So there's really not too much in the area of continuity for things like retreats. Crunch Time international may never happen after all... Oh well.

I guess one of the reasons I got into youth ministry is because I really dig this sort of thing. Taking a very vague and misshapen idea and transforming it into an actual event that may or may not change someone's life.

I'm about to start prepping for this Radical Relationships weekend for the church I'm working for, and its a pretty neat idea. Only thing is, it's not my idea. So it's not as exciting. Not yet. I'm sure as I lay out all the puzzle pieces and start to try and put them together, I'll get more and more into it. There's nothing like the feeling of seeing something like that come together.

There's nothing worse than seeing it fall apart. I hope crunch time continues to grow. It just seems that every year, there's a new group of people learning from the same mistakes they learn from every year. Maybe I should quit my job and focus solely on making Crunch time really cool. Or maybe not.


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