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I'm at the work place. Christ UMC.

Tonight is the big meeting where they decide whether or not I get to work here all the time! Yippee! We'll see how it goes.

As you can plainly see, I am a proud member of the cubicle club. I know, youth ministers shouldn't have to work in cubicles. They should be free to roam the streets and fields and play and frolic and never really do work. That's what everybody thinks. But in reality, youth ministers mainly stare at computers and type stuff like emails and blogs. Or so I'm told.

I have a word of the day calendar which is quite fun. Today's word is fortitude, which isn't all that obscure. I hope that I have fortitude though - it means 'strength of mind that enables a person to encounter danger or bear pain or adversity with COURAGE.' I like that. What adversity am I facing right now, you say? Well, let me tell you:

- My bank decided it didn't want to let me have the 800 bucks from my savings which I deposited in my checking. Something about it being an out of state check. Um, right. I'm working on getting the money from them somehow. Anybody know anything about bank robbery?

- My car got hit by a dog, which is horribly sad in itself, but now my car is all denty and needs fixin - which costs money - which I don't have

- I began my campaign against the bears only to have the first bear I encounter tell me that he and other bears (and I quote) 'just don't care about me.' Stupid bears. I'll drive them to battle someday!

- My arm hurts.

Ok, enough complaining. On a good note:

+Radical relationships is happening after all (it threatened to fold due to lack of youth)
+ re:find is in an hour or two
+ I made cool prayer cards for r:f
+ my headphones are still awesome...

Rock, rock on.


At 5:59 PM, Blogger Lindsay said...

you hit a dog with your car or the dog hit your car?

one time a bird dive bombed my car. there was nothing i could do. my mom says that there are certain berries that cause birds to become intoxicated. poor, drunk birds. but this could, in fact, be a solution to your bear problems. mission: to find berries in great supply. i mean, really. what bear wouldn't like some nice intoxicating berries?


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