2/24/05 - the megastorm cometh

This morning, at about 7 am (i know, i know... who actually gets up that early? ... i don't) the megastorm of the millenium hit my little apartment head on. Every few seconds a thunderbolt struck somewhere within my zip code. It was as if the dj in the apartment below had really lost his sense of rhythm and volume control. I mean, this thunder was turned all the way up to eleven, man.

So of course, being the sensible male that I am, I went out on my balcony in my boxers into the cold and windy rainstorm to see what I could discover. The sky was kind of greenish (bad), the rain looked like it wanted to go all horizontal-like (bad), and the trees looked like jello being shaken by... a big... jello-shaker (also bad).

Little backstory is necessary here - since I was younger, I have been deathly afraid of tornadoes. Due to this unnatural fear, I learned alot about them - to protect myself better, of course. I knew that all the stuff I was seeing outside was very indicative of a coming funnel-o-death (as I like to call them), but for some reason unbeknownst to me, I couldn't go back inside. Maybe just ignoring the storm was out of the question. I dunno. But I stood there.

Eventually, I did go back inside. Obviously.

But here's the part that stuck with me: I am pretty small. Nothing like a megastorm to remind you of your frailty. In the midst of all that chaos, order cannot be imposed. You face the storm, the danger and the fear, and for some reason find... peace. An unsettling sort of peace that resonates deeper than the 'sitting-in-the-park-writing-poetry-about-the-sun' sort of peace. Its a resignation to the facts of the universe - a giving in of sorts. Its pretty neat.

I'm trying to ride this peace-nami for as long as it takes me (probably not very far. thanks alot short term memory!). After all, I can't wake up to a megastorm every morning.


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