bed time....

Its bed time on sunday night. Jaimie was in town this weekend, so my last memory of the day will be my sleepyhead girlfriend. Nice.

This day was good, as warren so eloquently put it. It was full, but not overflowing with, quality things going on; it was a solid jog through the day. Not a marathon, and not a sprint, it was the kind of day where you feel very tired at the end, but not in the least bit stressed out. I feel a pleasant kind of emptiness at the end of days like this.

Thunder is coming through my window. It doesn't make me sleepy, though. Makes me want to explore... We shall see.

Maybe I'll ride the thunder clouds in my dreams. Take hold of the lightning and rain and make it my own. Sing songs of nature unleashed, as life overflows.

We shall see.


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