Chobas is the name of an ancient College Station deity. From time to time at the A&M Wesley Foundation, there would be Chobas worship, and Chobas parties. Chobas is believed to have originated from four individual warlords (Chad, Rob, Thomas, and random roomate). Their combined personalities and histories merged into a more epic mythology (see: history of the man clan) which led to their eventual deification in the form of Chobas.

As the story goes, Chobas was a big strong man who wore shorts all the time, played basketball and was really smart. He conquered some countries and ate some babies. Then, after building a monument unto himself, Chobas dissipated into the night, never to be seen in his true form again.

Someday, they say, Chobas will rise again, and he will strike down all the evil doers. He will raise the sword of leadership, and become Rodimus Prime. He will destroy Unicrom, and set up his capital in Malaysia (for some reason). But that day is not yet here.

Until then, check out this picture that was recently unearthed of the orginal four warlords. You can see the immense power in their eyes, in their easy smirks. Wouldn't want to cross these guys...


At 11:48 AM, Blogger Sommer West, MPH said...

haha josh..you're funny. sammy gave me your journal..fun!

i have one too. http://savechickens.blogspot.com

How are you?

--sommer lamkins!


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