3/14/05 - one month after Vday

Well, its a monday. Time to get back into the routine again. Had to stumble into the office this morning at 9:45 am.... gee willikers, my job stinks...

One habit I am attempting to endeavor to make a habit is posting my thoughts first thing in the morning, or at least, first coherent thing in the morning. So what are my thoughts, today?

Well, i'll tell ya.


Wow, not much up there today.

Today's word of the day on my lil calendar dealy is legerity. An alert facile quickness of mind and body... not me this morning!

I'll post more later, as the thoughts begin to leak out of my brain...


It's a grind

It's a grind

Crazy contraption!



Grilling some steak for sammy.


Church Sign Generator

This is pretty fun.

Especially if you have some free time, and can come up with some witty and/or clever ideas.

Its pretty fun.

(weakest post ... ever)