I'm at transco tower. this place always reminds me of my beautiful and amazing girlfriend. she gave me an amazing painting that she made for me the time we came here. i love her very much. and it is absolutely gorgeous out here.


I rock.

I rock.

just showing off how cool i am to shaun and rachel.


Red Day

Tonight at re:find is red night. Or red day. Whichever you prefer. The point is - Red.

We are starting a series on colors. Red is first. I'm very excited about this, as its really the first time we've tried to engage more than just the ears at this worship service. Could the a good first step in a more progressive or ancient-modern approach to worship on wednesday nights. We'll see how tonight goes.

Reading is fun. Read Eragon yesterday. Mucho entertaining. Bye now.




Tiny kevin! Hahaha



Kevin in a tree



Crossfire praise team rocking out at pasadena. They are so awesome!


Hat dilemma

Hat dilemma

Who is this weirdo? it can't be josh, you are thinking, because that's not his hat. Well, apparently my girlfriend is holding my hat hostage. I will have to settle for wearing this ultra cool aggie hat. It is not broken in yet, but unless i get my real one back it will have to do.



Day 2 of retrying the blogging dealy-oh.

Well, I'm at work and I just put the water bottle on the thingy that distributes the water... You know what I'm talking about. My weekend was great - exhausting, but great. Spent all day Friday and Saturday preparing for and doing a men's retreat for 12-15 senior high guys that trusted me enough to give me their friday night. It was fun

Played alot of dodgeball, sang some loud worship, and talked way too much when everybody was half asleep (i've got to work on that)... Overall, a good time was had by everyone.

We also made shirts. My favorite quote was on Mickey's - his creature that he drew said this "Iowa = bleu cheese / boombox"

Randomness is fantastic.

Man I suck

I am really stinkin bad at blogging.

Quick announcement.

Giant birthday bash for me on June 3rd.

We are celebrating a quarter of a century of Josh.

Yay for me!

More details to follow....