Hat dilemma

Hat dilemma

Who is this weirdo? it can't be josh, you are thinking, because that's not his hat. Well, apparently my girlfriend is holding my hat hostage. I will have to settle for wearing this ultra cool aggie hat. It is not broken in yet, but unless i get my real one back it will have to do.


At 9:55 PM, Blogger Jaimie said...

The hat was not kidnapped, but it was apparently forgotten by its owner...forgotten...so sadly shoved in between the passenger door and the seat...crushed between covered metal at a speed of 70mph. Forgotten.
I, the so-called kidnapper, found this stow-away on a day in which i was very sad. The hat and I were both sad..both being without our best friend. Instantly we became friends. Like a magnet we were so thoughtfully cheering each other up saying, "Surely, your best friend has not forgotten about you." And so, we have grown fond of each other, even like each others smells and the way we are shaped. I never new the hat until this mishap, always appreciated the way he so complimented his owner, but never really knew him. Our days have been few, but our journeys many. He is my Wilson, I shall call him 'Black and the Hat'. And for the time being we will enjoy each others company.


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