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Wow. Well this will be a crazy weekend. My prayers are with all of you. I am leaving for college station later tonight, to try and avoid as much traffic as possible. Good luck to everyone and call me if you need help - 2817331373


Life's a grind

Well, I officially am starting work at It's a grind. I am in way over my head in debt, and I want to be out of it in... well, in 19 months or so. Big day around that time, most likely.

Anywho, I am aggressively attacking my debt, and that takes getting as much income as possible to attack it with. Plus, hey, I love coffee! I'll try and keep everyone updated with how that job is going. Bc I know you all care so much! =)

Today was training... basically learned the specifics. I know all the generals already. Gonna be a fun job!


power-napping - schlafgras

Very Cool... I want one! This is great, I love napping, and I love weird crazy things like this. Every one, take notice! This is what I want instead of a bed in my room.

On a different note, I will probably start working at It's a grind coffeehouse on weekday mornings to help supplement my efforts to destroy my debt. Come by and get a cup of joe when I start working! I'll be drinking coffee allll day...




The coolest thing since sliced bread. This site lets me catalog all my books quickly and easily, tag them for future sorting, and share them with the world. If you see a book on the right that you want to read, just let me know, and I can let you borrow it...